Candidate Cheat-Sheet

Presidential Candidates

Joe Biden 

Donald Trump 
Current TitleFormer Vice PresidentPresident of the United States
Quick bio Previously a lawyer, Biden was elected Senator for Delaware in 1973, and held this position until he was sworn in as Vice President in 2009 alongside President Barack Obama. Prior to being elected as President in 2016, Trump was a well-known businessman and TV personality. Running for President in 2016 against Hilary Clinton was his first endeavour into politics.
Age 7774
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Vice Presidential Candidates

VP Candidate 
Kamala Harris

Mike Pence
Current TitleJunior Senator for CaliforniaVice President of the United States
Quick bio Harris was announced as Biden’s running mate for the 2020 Presidential election in August 2020. Harris has had a lengthy career in law enforcement, as District Attorney of San Francisco from 2004-2011, before becoming 32nd Attorney General of California from 2011-17. Currently she is a Senator from California, holding that position since 2017.Pence was elected as Vice President alongside Donald Trump’s Presidential win in 2016. Before becoming Vice President, Pence held a seat in the U.S House of Representatives for Indiana from 2001-2013. In 2012 he was elected Governor of Indiana, a position he held until being elected Vice President.
Age 5561

Policies: Useful Links

Healthcare Healthcare Policy Healthcare Policy 
Healthcare Actions 
Economy Economic Policy Economic Policy 
Equality and Social JusticeAgenda for Women 
Agenda for the Black Community
Latinx Policy
LGBTQ Policy  
Agenda for Jewish Community 
Agenda for People with Disabilities 
Agenda on Law and Justice 
Agenda on Social Programs
Sustainability and Environment Climate Change Plan 
Clean Energy Plan
Energy & Environment Plan 
Gun PolicyGun Safety Plan School Safety Actions 
Visas and ImmigrationImmigration Policy Immigration Policy 
Costs of College and Education Agenda for Students 
Agenda for Higher Education 
Education Policy
Retirement and Social SecurityRetirement PolicySocial Program Policy
Veterans Veterans Policy Veterans Policy 
Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Foreign Policy 
National Security Policy 

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